Limited-edition giclées on canvas​ from CAD created originals

Tucson-based architect and artist Arthur Lilien (born 1926) received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Pennsylvania State College (1948) and his Master of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois (1950). He began in the field in 1953. Practicing in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Florida, California, and Arizona, Lilien’s work can be found coast-to-coast.

His projects literally spanned great heights, producing medium and high-rise apartment buildings and shopping centers. Later he produced scientific laboratories in La Jolla, California, office and garden apartment complexes, as well as hi-tech manufacturing facilities for Norfolk Grumman and Nissan Motor’s Automobile racing facility.


After making Tucson, Arizona, his home in 2015, Lilien’s craft went under an evolution from the hand-drawn architectural renderings he once did on drafting board with ink on vellum. Using Architectural Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, he began drawing the artistic landscapes that abound in the Southwest.

Lilien’s Sonoran Desert drawings are a series of unique limited edition, signed giclées produced on canvas. He utilizes a Canon eight-color professional photographic archival printer. Each giclée is then sealed with Grumbacher Matte Fixative. Each piece is a window into the Sonoran Desert, and the artist hopes you enjoy them as much as he did creating them.