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Fruits of Renewal Art Exhibition by TurningBear Mason at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum | Tucson, Arizona

Debut exhibition of new (post-stroke/left-handed) works by TurningBear Mason

Accomplished painter and master scrimshaw artist TurningBear Mason experienced 2 strokes in the spring of 2018 leaving him with total paralysis on his right side. Naturally right-handed, the disability has provided a new pathway of expression through the use of his left hand.  The "Fruits of Renewal'' exhibition celebrates not only his 45 years in the profession, but his determination to adapt and develop left-handed techniques in order to continue his artistic practice.  

Best known for his dramatic and finely-detailed landscapes paintings and meticulous scrimshaw scribings, TurningBear is also known as a teacher and mentor to many. He believes in the importance of passing-on the skills of artistic traditions through teaching and through apprenticeship and continues both to this day.

Photograph of artist TurningBear Mason
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