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Tall Tails by Mary Wilhelm

May 21-August 7, 2022

Mary WIlhelm 16x9 full size.jpg

Mary Wilhelm is primarily an oil painter working in a very specific technique called Mischtechnik, a combination of oil paint and egg tempera emulsion. The word “Mischtechnik” is German for “mixed technique,” and is jokingly referred to as the technique that is “never done.”

In the Spring of 2021, Mary Wilhelm presented her solo thesis exhibition “Fable” in ASU’s Harry Wood Gallery. The “Fable” series is a collection of narrative works that encourages the consideration of both the complex relationships of animals, our relationships with each other, and is based on a reconceptualization of Aesop’s Fables.

This exhibit features selections from the Fable series, along with newer works of allegorical drawings and paintings based on the relationship between The Artist and the Animals. Throughout the work, there are subtle details and non-linear chronologies that take place in worlds resembling our own but in exaggerated ways.

Wilhelm approaches each work as a piece of visual poetry, creating paintings that leave an opening for contemplation from the viewer.

Entrance to the exhibit is included in museum admission or memberships.
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