A Parliament of Owls: Painting Owls in Gouache and Watercolor
Instructor: Sharon K. Schafer
December 1, 2
Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am - noon
$115 museum members/$165 nonmembers


Artistically explore one of the most beautiful and mysterious inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert, the owls. We begin our class with a very brief introduction to the natural history of the Owls of the Sonoran Desert and an opportunity to meet and photograph live owls in the classroom. Next, learn quick watercolor strategies to help you capture an owl's subtle mottled markings and learn to express their myriad textures, from soft feathers of the facial disk to their captivating shiny luminous eyes, in watercolor and just a little bit of gouache.

A Parliament of Owls: Gouache & Watercolor