Title: Barn Owl

Plate: No. XXX
Year: 1993

Size: 18" x13.5"

Process: Four Color Lithograph on Archival Paper

Condition: Good

Each limited-edition print is hand signed and numbered by the artist.

This nocturnal ghost of a bird frequents such places as belfries, deserted buildings, and hollow trees. It hunts its food -- almost entirely rodents -- in garbage dumps, neglected cemeteries, run-down farms, and empty lots in large cities. In the glare of auto headlights, a flying Barn Owl looks snow white and so is often mistaken for a Snowy Owl. Barn Owls are effective mousers and take many rats. Owls do not digest fur and bone, but periodically rid themselves of these in the form of regurgitated pellets. Barn Owl pellets are easily collected from roosts and can be a useful source of information about the small mammals in an area. Contrary to popular belief, owls see well by day, but their large eyes do give them especially good night vision. Experiments have shown, however, that Barn Owls depend on keen hearing to locate their prey.


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Barn Owl by Richard Sloan

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  • *Artist's proof or AP is a copy of the painting outside of the numbered edition, historically made as a test and reserved for the artist’s own collection or to be shown in gallery, museum shows or given as gifts. Artist proofs were highly sought after by collectors as the images were supposedly better, but with the advent of modern digital printing artist proofs and numbered edition prints are the exact same quality. However, an artist proof remains rarer.