Rachel Ivanyi

Black Is Beautiful, 2020

Watercolor and gouache

16" x 12"

$3,900 (Call for shipping price)


“Teaching art classes at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has the perk of having animal visitors for live drawing and reference gathering. Our resident vulture, Elvira, spent time with us, and was up on her tip toes while her handler was giving her a treat. She looked like a fabulous ballerina, and starting me thinking about painting her as a dancer. The idea gelled into celebrating black lives, using the often overlooked black birds. I chose my favorite, the black vulture, as well as the black swan, and red-winged blackbird. I collaborated with my dear friend Shermaine and her talented daughters, Nikki and Meeka, that are all very skilled in dance or yoga. They all agreed to send me short videos of them to use as inspiration for my dancing birds. I didn’t have a set bird in mind for each of my muses, but their energy came through and the decision wasn’t difficult. Black lives more than matter.”

Black Is Beautiful by Rachel Ivanyi