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Creating Drama on Clayboard with Patrick Hedges.

Monday, October 30, 2023
9:00am – 4:00pm

Museum & ISSA Members- $99   Non-members- $125


I would aim to be teaching clayboard with the fiberglass brush and I would specifically be focusing on how to get more emotion+ and drama into the art, which will be a chimpanzee. Tools needed would be the student's knife of choice such as an X-Acto, and a 2mm fiberglass shaft with a 2mm clutch pencil holder. If students can't get hold of the fiberglass shafts from Micro-Mark, I will have some spares with me, but they should at least bring the 2mm clutch (although again, I will bring a limited number of spares, maybe three or so). Also, bring at least one 8x10 clayboard. I will provide the reference, which will be my own, and the transfer paper.

Creating Drama on Clayboard with Patrick Hedges, Oct. 30

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