Lynn Waltke (United States)

Detoured For Nesting

Roadrunner with nesting material among prickly pear pads

Acrylic on canvas

24" x 18" 


Currently classified as Least Concern, the Greater Roadrunner is a highly adaptable fast-running member of the cuckoo family. They are found in the SW portions of the US and in northern Mexico. It can fly when necessary and is not migratory. Having adapted to an arid environment only some 8,000 years ago, the roadrunner has started to move northeast of its normal distribution due to human population encroachments. This large bird (20-24" long) has numerous biological and behavioral adaptations including liquid reabsorption, sunbathing, and heat regulation. Much of its success in conservation is due to its varied diet which can consist of hummingbirds, nestlings, insects, spiders - even black widow, tarantulas, mice, centipedes, and especially lizards and small snakes, including venomous snakes.


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Detoured For Nesting by Lynn Waltke