Rachel Ivanyi (United States)
Finding Nemo

Lionfish and ocellated clownfish


24" x 24" 


Lionfish have wreaked havoc on native marine fish in the western North Atlantic region. The species Pterois volitans and P. miles are labeled "invasive", but these animals are not inherently bad or evil. They have been successful in spreading and sustaining their species, incidentally eating their way through native fish populations, and causing a cascade effect of damage on coral reef communities. Humans have a hand in all species labeled "invasive." Whereas critters are just being critters, greedy humans are the ones who birthed this devastation with their meddling. Think about the effects of the aquarium trade and unsustainable fishing practices on ocean health that have overharvested natural resources and damaged habitat. By combining nature, science and pop culture, l hope to make the topic of invasive species accessible and engaging, to get you to look closer and think about your place among these invasions, and to encourage you to make decisions and take actions that have a positive impact on the natural world.


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Finding Nemo by Rachel Ivanyi