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Generative AI for Artists and Photographers 7/21

Instructor: Jay Pierstorff

July 21, 2024

Sunday 9:00 am -noon

$70 museum members/$120 nonmembers


"In this class, you will learn about popular generative AI platforms to generate realistic and abstract images that can be used as inspiration or incorporated into your own artistic projects. You will also learn how to manipulate and edit these images to create truly unique pieces of art that reflect your own creative vision. Whether you are a photographer looking to experiment with new forms of expression or an artist looking for new ways to generate ideas, this class is for you. By the end of this class, you will have a basic understanding of generative AI to create original and visually stunning images that push the boundaries of traditional art and photography. Students may bring a laptop (optional) to follow along but not required."

Generative AI for Artists and Photographers 7/21

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