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Handmade Tools and Expressive Mark Making 8/8

 Instructor: Catherine Nash

Aug 8, 2024

Thursday 9:00 am – 3 pm

$90 museum members/$140 nonmembers


Have you ever wondered how to draw or paint the ephemeral tree foliage and the tangle of thick undergrowth in our desert landscape?  Catherine has found that it takes intuitive, gestural marks…and the tools that one uses to make those marks can be integral. How wonderful to actually use natural, found branches, stick and seed pods and handmade brushes with which to draw and paint to make authentic, textural marks describing our desert terrain. 

All participants will also learn how to make handmade paint brushes from yucca leaves, broom corn straw, ethically gathered feathers, horse hairs and churro hair/wool from Catherine’s friends’ ranch in NM. Using inks and watercolors, we will experiment with a wide variety of materials found in nature to make expressive marks as we create unique landscape paintings.

Handmade Tools and Expressive Mark Making 8/8

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