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Inspired by the Desert: Collaged Paper “Paintings” 6/5-6

Instructor: Catherine Nash

June 5-6, 2024

Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

150 museum members/$200 nonmembers


"Chigiri" means to tear or shred, and ""e"" means picture in Japanese. Chigiri-e is a Japanese-style paper collage created using Oriental papers and those we will hand-dye ourselves. Explore how the painterly layering of gossamer papers can show realistic depth and detail or colorful expressive results in this specialized collage course. Having studied paper arts in Japan early in her art career twice, Catherine has taught extensively abroad and is recognized as a specialist in Japanese paper. Our inspiring and colorful desert will be the focus of this workshop. Expand and enrich your creative surface through layering textures and colors of varied papers, mark making and brushwork and surface embellishment. Springboarding from the marvelous variety of life and land forms that grace our unique desert, we will be playful and expressive with our interpretation of the distinctive forms of cacti and flowers, birds and animals. Unleash the playful power of improvisation: experiment with the beautiful media of Chigiri-e."

Inspired by the Desert: Collaged Paper “Paintings” 6/5-6

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