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Kenny Don

A New Beginning

Photo on Canon Pro Luster paper
Canon 7D Mk II; Tamron 150-600mm; f/8 1/320s ISO 200

 $350 (Call for shipping price)


“I had arrived in the morning to photograph the new big horn lamb that was about a month old. I had some photographs that I had shown to some visitor’s and took them to my truck so that I wouldn’t have to carry them around. I was returning form my truck in the parking lot when I was stopped by security. He had told me that a new lamb was born. I originally though he was talking about the month old. He said “One was born this morning”. So I hopped on his cart and off I went to the Big Horn Sheep Exhibit to get a good image for a Mother’s Day ad for the museum. This shot was one of over 500 images taken that day. The lamb is about an hour and 15 minutes old in this image.”


A short time later Priscilla Baldwin, the founder of the Art Institute, wanted to get permission to use the photo as inspiration for a scratchboard piece. The piece is now in the Art Institute’s collection.

A New Beginning by Kenny Don

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