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Making and Using Your Own Watercolor from Sedona Soil 7/18

Instructor: Catherine Nash

July 18, 2024

Thursday 9:00 am – 3 pm

$90 museum members/$140 nonmembers


There is a long tradition of using red oxides [hematite] for color: from very early cave paintings to Renaissance sanguine drawings to contemporary works. Catherine observed how to filter pigments from earth samples at a historical pigment mill in southern France near Roussillon.  With an artist colleague, she then adapted the process to a studio level and will demonstrate her process in this workshop, along with how to make homemade “vine” charcoal.  

Participants will grind pigments from filtered Sedona soil and charcoal into watercolor binder made of gum arabic and honey, learning to make their own homemade, professional quality watercolor paints. As a little bonus, we will experiment together to try to make homemade soft pastels from some different earth pigments as well!   You will learn some expressive watercolor brush movements that Catherine developed to paint during her work painting landscapes “en plein aire”.  It will be too hot to paint outside in August, so we’ll stay cool in our classroom while we create desert landscape studies using our homemade watercolors, and enhance the images with inks, conté crayons and homemade pastels.

Making and Using Your Own Watercolor from Sedona Soil 7/18

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