"Ocelot with Butterflies" Signed Vintage Poster (1972)

Artist: Nick Wilson

Signed by artist

18" H x 24" W 
$40 (shipping included within continental USA)
Series I, Plate II; Settlers West Gallery


Excerpt about Nick Wilson from "Art and Exhibitry — the ASDM Tradition"

"(Art) has a very important part (to play in natural history museums). — I like the marrying of the two concepts of art and natural history. — I think it all adds to the special place you are when you're among these live animals, as well as the artistic aesthetics of wildlife that inspire artists to create them. — I say the live animals inspire artists to create them and the art they create creates a greater interest in the live animal."

Nick was responsible for the first artist poster collection at the museum. He is well-known for his representations of rabbits and mountain lions including the iconic George L Mountainlion 'head'. 'I've always pictured a mountain lion larger than life at the entrance to the (Desert) Museum.' Nick also has taught at the Art Institute with an emphasis on sculpture."

Ocelot with Butterflies Poster by Nick Wilson