Dorset Norwich-Young (Canada)
On High

Gary Oak trees high on a rocky bluff

Acrylic on canvas

48" x 48" 

The only native oak species in western Canada, the Garry Oak, is a rare hardwood community found along the Pacific Northwest coast from southeast Vancouver Island, British Columbia to California, USA. Land conversion for agricultural, residential and industrial development has vastly reduced the extent of Garry Oak ecosystems. Less than 5% now remain in near-natural condition. Garry Oak ecological communities are typically meadows both upland and marine and often inhabited by the wildflowers, purple camas and yellow buttercup, accompanying garter snakes and alligator lizards creating rich mosaics of plant and animal species. There are also small colonies of Garry Oaks on sunny upland bluffs and marine rocky outcroppings, which I have chosen to feature in this painting titled "On High". I am captivated with their striking, gnarly shapes, and often choose these trees to feature in my artwork.

$8,000 (Call for shipping price)

On High by Dorset Norwich-Young