Judy Studwell (United States)


Watercolor and graphite

17" x 14" 


Pangolin are ancient scaly enigmas that have walked the earth for 84 million years. They are mammals that walk on two legs, and are so different that they are often thought of as mystical or magical creatures. Pangolin are the only mammal with keratin scales. Elusive and shy, mostly defenseless, they roll into a tight ball using their scales as protection from predators. Unfortunately, this does not protect them from poaching. Pangolin scales are highly valued as an ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, and the meat is considered a delicacy in Asian cultures. All eight species are considered vulnerable or critically endangered by the World Wildlife Federation. It is my hope that my artistic endeavors will inspire you to learn more and support organizations dedicated to saving the Pangolin in their natural habitats.


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Pangolin by Judy Studwell