Laura Levitsky (Canada)
Quiet Pursuit
North American Lynx

Acrylic 24" x 38"


The Canadian Lynx is as mystical to me as owls, as they are rarely seen. They are calculating and patient hunters relying on a sneaky approach to catching their prey. Their main source of food is the snowshoe hare. They are so linked to the snowshoe hare that their populations rise and fall with the cycle of hare numbers. Their large paws allow them to maneuver through deep winter snow to track and catch their prey. I added the snowshoe hare prints to create more of a story line. Their habitat is older mature forests, however, with climate change, deforestation and road-building, the survival of the lynx, and a long list of our planets wild animals are at risk.


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Quiet Pursuit by Laura Levitsky