Sharon K. Schafer (United States)
Sonoran Shade

Hanging Chain Cholla and Cactus Wren


32" x 18" 


Cactus wrens are wrens with attitude. Large, loud, and raucous, this wren demands attention. This species is endemic to the deserts of the southwestern United States and northern and central Mexico. At 7 - 8 inches, the Cactus Wren is far larger than other wrens found on the continent. Its common name is derived from this bird's fondness for stands of desert cactus. It is there where the Cactus Wren pairs, who are these life long partners, set up and defend their territory, build their bulky conspicuous nests, and raise their broods, while protected by the formidable needles and dense branches of the cactus.


$4,500 (Call for shipping price)

Sonoran Shade by Sharon K. Schafer