Dorothy Tinning (Canada)

Trees - Saving Each Other and the Planet

Forest and trees

Acrylic on canvas

59" x 48" 


Trees are revered for their hidden power of improving the lands capacity to adapt to climate change. Here in the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia's interior, the majestic ponderosa pines have been cherished since ancient times. In the foreground, you see the connection point between the strong resilient pine, and the way in which it supports the weaker pine through the attachment of its roots. These impressive, mature ponderosa pines not only look beautiful with their deep yellow-orange, puzzle-shaped bark and long green needles, but most importantly, they capture carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thereby improving our air quality. They stabilize the soil, and support the wildlife. As an artist that loves the outdoors, I find that hiking through our valley forests is like entering a sanctuary, under the protection of these fragrant trees.


$4,500 (Call for shipping price)

Trees - Saving Each Other and the Planet by Dorothy Tinning