Unlocking the Masters
Instructor: Ada Koch
December 10, 11, 12
Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
$185 museum members/$235 nonmembers

For thousands of years, artists have learned from observing famous paintings and you can too. Each day is devoted to a different Master - see how Edouard Manet was part of the controversy that became Impressionism, learn about the planes of color that Cezanne used to build up to form complex fields, and how Matisse used colors, forms and patterns to mark the start of modern art. By learning how to interpret classical painting techniques, students will use critical thinking to train their eyes into seeing past the surface of a painting while building their creativity to easily develop their own personal style. This fun practical approach includes fun snippets of art history, while students work from photos of masterworks to create three of their own unique oil paintings.

Unlocking the Masters