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Watercolor: For the Love of It!

Instructor: Linda M. Feltner

December 1, 2 & 3, 2023, 9am to 3pm. Friday, Saturday Sunday


Watercolor: For the Love of It!


I love painting with watercolors. It's not only beautiful, fun, and versatile while being wonderfully predictable and unpredictable. Its unique qualities are the freshness of transparent color and luminosity. You can use it like oils, acrylic, or by itself as a transparent medium. This is not a beginning watercolor class. It is designed for those already familiar with basic techniques who want to enhance their confidence in developing their own artistic direction.

Let's explore the joy of the brushwork and color and let it do its magic!


Prerequisite: Watercolor 1 or Beginning Watercolor

Watercolor: For the Love of It! Linda M. Feltner, Dec. 1-3

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