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Working the Landscape from Realism to Abstraction

Instructor, Ursula Schneider

Nov 28, 29, 30

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- 9am-3pm

$115 museum members/$165 nonmembers

Over the course of three days, move from a realistic portrayal of a landscape we're inspired by towards the looseness of abstraction. Take steps from one to the next and observe the exciting progression. Throughout the process, you'll use a variety of techniques to explore line, form, value, color, focal points and design as necessary elements of any painting, whether realistic or abstracted. You'll get more comfortable with moving between these two ends of the spectrum and find your ability to conceptualize strengthened and more confident. Instructor will offer some suggested mediums but ultimately, you can choose to work within your own preferred medium.

Working the Landscape from Realism to Abstraction, Nov 28, 29, 30

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