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Asya Baldwin


Asya Baldwin was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1976. She earned her degree in fine art from the College of National Art in Saint Petersburg. Asya is a member and teacher of art organizations across the globe, including the International Porcelain Artists and Teachers, Inc (IPAT), the World Organization of China (WOCP), and the International Union Animal Artist (Russia).

Asya is a master of realism painting utilizing multiple mediums on different substrates and surfaces. She creates on canvas and porcelain. Asya has been commissioned to create murals for numerous venues. She is able to create images which convey mood, drama, and harmony.  Asya’s paintings typically feature all types of animals. She specializes in wildlife and still life pieces. Asya creates her work by capturing the light. 

 “To me, it is about the light. I love the subtle differences as light transitions from shadows to highlights.  Shadows can be used to create mystery and a little bit of the unknown; but there must be a balance when moving into the highlights. My art is the world as I see it and the world I wish for.” - Asya Baldwin

Asya lives in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area with her husband, Michael. When she is not creating her own paintings, she loves teaching the art to others throughout the world, including Canada, USA, England, and India. 

 “My ambition is to enhance young artists through teaching.” - Asya Baldwin

Asya Baldwin
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