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Susan Morris


Susan Morris has a B.A. in Painting & Drawing from Brigham Young University, and her professional associations include: National Watercolor Society, Signature Member; American Watercolor Society, Associate member, and Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, Signature Member & Saguaro Fellow.

As an artist, she has a strong sense of composition and design, uses rich, bold color, dramatic lighting, and infuses the visual effects of texture in her art. She presents a nostalgic perspective on the past as she takes items that are no longer commonplace and tells their story. Besides its creation, Susan shares her love of art by teaching.  She keeps a good balance between the studio and classroom time.  She works with students of all ages as she, introduces grade-school children to nature journaling and scientific illustration, teaches watercolor skills to youth summer camps for teens, is a guest lecturer at universities,  is a popular teacher in adult community education, teaches workshops, and has been a faculty member of ASDM Art Institute since 2010.

Susan is personable and very patient as she works with her students.   She creates a comfortable environment, and uses PowerPoints, demonstrations, handouts, and individual attention to share her knowledge of art, and its tools and techniques with her students. She works in and teaches a variety of mediums, but watercolors are her chosen professional medium.  She has received numerous awards, including national and international awards for her watercolors, and her work can be found in galleries, museums and private collections across the west and has shown internationally.

Susan Morris
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