Treasured Legacies book release about the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's conservation programming and the contributions of Priscilla Baldwin

The book Treasured Legacies chronicles the Desert Museum’s years of dynamic conservation programming while celebrating Priscilla Baldwin’s contributions to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (ASDM). Through photographs and Priscilla’s scratchboard art, this beautiful book includes a history of the ASDM, from its establishment in 1952, to ongoing initiatives that continue the founders’ vision of conservation, preservation, and education.​

Priscilla and her husband, Michael, are responsible for the founding of the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s Art Institute, which features art education classes, gallery exhibitions, an Artist-in-Residence Program, and a permanent Museum art collection. Priscilla has been a critical voice in furthering ASDM’s conservation efforts through art, art education, and the Museum at large.  

Book release is scheduled for Fall 2021. It is a publication of ASDM Press. Primary contributors are Priscilla Baldwin, Craig Ivanyi, Peggy Larson, and Anne Warner.

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