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2021 Invasion!

by Rachel Ivanyi

2021 Invasion!

January 16 - March 7 2021

Baldwin Gallery


Explore the concept of 


“The incoming spread of something usually hurtful;the act of invading or overpowering."

This term typically has a negative connotation, but that is not always the case. You can be overpowered by positive occurrences as well, and invasions and invaders can bring about positive change.

This exhibit examines multiple aspects of this theme through the lens of invasive species, invasive thoughts and the impacts they have on our world and us. 

Combining nature, science and pop culture, Rachel makes these topics accessible and engaging. She helps you look closer, think about your place among these invasions, and infect others with the conservation bug.

Rachel Ivanyi is an award-winning artist, illustrator, and art educator. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from U.C. Davis and Graduate Certification in Natural Science Illustration from U.C. Santa Cruz. As a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, the world's leading artist group supporting the environment, she uses her exhibition and illustration work to inspire others to take pride in their natural backyard, and do what they can to live a life of conservation. Many of her paintings have been exhibited across the U.S. and internationally, are part of permanent museum collections, or with private collectors. Her illustration clients include National Geographic, Scientific American, McGraw-Hill, and nature institutions around the world. Combining her love of nature and science with the power of observation, over the past twenty five years Rachel has taught a wide variety of nature art classes and is a core instructor for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute in her beloved desert home of Tucson, Arizona.  

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