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2023 Glass in Flight 2

A Walking Art Exhibition

2023 Glass in Flight 2

October 27 - January 18, 2024

Museum Grounds


Glass in Flight II is a major traveling art and science exhibit featuring steel and Dalle de Verre glass sculptures of gigantic, realistic insects, birds and butterflies. Created by nationally known sculptor, Alex Heveri, Glass in Flight 2 is the sequel to the successful Glass in Flight exhibit now touring major gardens and zoos around the country.  These popular glittering sculptures are informative, engaging--and simply enchanting.​

Alex Heveri is a Tucson-based artist, sculptor and attorney who has been creating enormous steel and glass structures for over 25 years. Glass in Flight and Glass in Flight 2 represent more than four years of solo work. Her massive Dalle de Verre glass and steel sculptures of life-like bees, butterflies, beetles and dragonflies weigh more than 10,000 lbs. Alex Heveri's love of the beauty and complexity of insects is apparent in every piece, as is her impressive command of two notoriously dangerous and unforgiving mediums:  steel and glass.

​Alex and her artwork have been featured in Tucson Lifestyle, Arizona Attorney and Jewelry Artist magazines.  She has won numerous art competitions, awards and public art commissions, and her work appears in galleries and private collections.

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