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Kara “Zuzu” Zupancic

2022 Art Institute Artist in Residence

Kara “Zuzu” Zupancic is a Pittsburgh based ceramic sculpture artist. Her one-of-a-kind sculptures are inspired by animals, women, and narratives from her lived experiences through both smaller, functional art (like mugs with
hand-sculpted embellishment) as well as large sculptures.

Especially an animal lover, the creatures Zuzu chooses to sculpt are often those that cross her path and leave her imprinted with a feeling evoked by that animal. Intentionally chosen, she relies on the calming energy of animals to tell humanistic and personal stories. Her sculptures draw you in, asking you to look beyond an initial impression for interpretation. Animals are a non-threatening way to engage an audience in an experience of allowing for multiple perspectives and self-reflection.


Zuzu received her BA in Studio Art and Art Education from Saint Vincent College in 2007 and an MA in Art Education in 2012 from Edinboro University. Member of the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.

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