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Laurel Devaney


Laurel Devaney is an artist currently residing in Fairbanks, Alaska. She has a degree in Environmental Interpretation from the Ohio State University. Through her career with the US Fish & Wildlife Service, she used this degree to teach thousands of children and adults about the natural world. She often used various art techniques to demonstrate scientific concepts, focus observation, and enhance appreciation of our wild lands.


Since retiring, Laurel divides her time between songbird research projects in spring through fall, and explores various art techniques during the long and cold winters in Fairbanks. Laurel also works in stained and fused glass, but has settled on dry wool felting as a favorite art form. It uses environmentally friendly materials and simple techniques to bring alive the wildlife she enjoys sharing the world with.


Laurel learned felting techniques from a fabric artist at the Folk School in Fairbanks. She continuously strives to enhance her felting skills and loves sharing this art form that has endless applications with others. She has taught felting classes throughout Alaska and has especially enjoyed working with science teachers to include felting in their classrooms to enhance STEM education. Laurel’s work has been exhibited in juried and solo shows in Fairbanks. She also donates her wool creations to support the fund-raising efforts of environmental groups she supports.

Laurel Devaney
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