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“The Beauty of Being Here” Mezzotint Prints Art Exhibition featuring Jennifer Clarke at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Baldwin Gallery | Tucson, Arizona

Staghorn Cholla by Jennifer Clarke


9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily

“My sense of place is defined through the flora and fauna found in my environments. Here in the Sonoran Desert, plant life allures and repels as everything is adorned with spines and hooks. It is this contradictory beauty that is both guarded and repelling yet fragile and beckoning, that I so try to capture in my mezzotints. It is my feeling for the beauty I see that gives shape and form to the powers of light emerging from darkness. It’s an endeavor which often proves to be a humbling undertaking when trying to express the exquisite beauty of this wondrous world and the gift of being here.” 
~ Jennifer Clarke

Jennifer Clarke is a printmaker who was born during the Second World War in England. After receiving her art degrees in sculpture and printmaking at Goldsmiths College School of Art in London, she lived in Denmark a greater part of her life, most recently moving to the Sonoran Desert region.  


Mezzotint is an old hand engraving technique involving the scraping and burnishing of images into the surface of a roughened copper plate, which is then inked and printed. This exhibition of prints represents 12 years of Jennifer Clarke’s experience with the mezzotint process. 

Magnolia by Jennifer Clarke

Entrance to the exhibit is included in museum admission or memberships.
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