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Handmade Books - Poetic Paintings of the Desert 6/19-20

Instructor: Catherine Nash

June, 19, 20, 2024

Wednesday, Thursday 9:00 am - 3:00 pm (the catalog times are incorrect)

$150 museum members/$200 nonmembers


"How might you best express the visual poetry of desert flower? Or an owl? Make a handmade accordion nature journal from start to finish, using provided papers and book supplies. On one long continuous painting, you will start by building up colorful layers using gradation washes with provided wide brushes as a background. Catherine learned how to paint gradations [called bokashi] this way in Japan. What inspires you the most about the desert: flowers or cacti or butterflies or birds or a specific animal? That will be your focus for this project and you will come to class armed with imagery that you gather ahead of time. You will then add your desert focus imagery using watercolor masking and stencils, colored pencils, micron pens, and pastels. Finally, we’ll fold our long paintings into an accordion and enclose them between two book covers. A “library” of wonderful examples of books on the life in the desert will be available for reference information and imagery. Do expect some pre-workshop preparation, but know that this will be a playful, relaxing indoor adventure with lots of inspiring and creative hands-on adventure! We’ll encapture our unique Sonoran Desert between two book covers! "

Handmade Books - Poetic Paintings of the Desert 6/19-20

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