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Intuitive Painting Workshop 6/13

Instructor: Candy Schultheis

June 13, 2024

Thursday 9-3

$90 museum members/$140 nonmembers


Intuitive painting is an opportunity to explore through the creative process in a safe, judgement free environment. It is not a painting technique or method. This approach to painting is focused on mindfulness, creative permission and the act of spontaneous expression.  Stemming from a deep belief that creativity is fundamental to human health and well-being, it can be enlightening, invigorating, deeply moving, playful, fun and cathartic.


In this workshop, we will go beyond what we have learned about painting. There are many ways to paint intuitively, but we will approach painting though physical as well visual prompts, focusing on what our inner feelings are telling us. Experimentation is greatly encouraged, with the mindset of a child. It’s a time for exploration and to let your creativity have free reign. All mediums are welcome.

Intuitive Painting Workshop 6/13

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