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Gale Sherman
Saving Mother Earth
, 2020
Pen and ink

15.75" x 15.75"
$800 (Call for shipping price)

“Fifty years ago, many of us wore black armbands to deno¬¬¬¬te the first EARTH DAY. Speaking through The Lorax in 1971, Dr Seuss warned parents and children about putting the earth in danger with mindless progress. The first Earth Day and The Lorax were wake-up calls that humans were destroying our beautiful planet- and now, it’s getting hotter, the air is often poisonous, the ice is melting faster, and the seas are rising. We are all responsible even if we recycle, using alternative energies, are vegetarians …, NOW that’s not enough! 

Covid-19 has been unkind to humans but somewhat restorative to Mother Earth. Yes, carbon emissions fell during the lockdown, but there may not be any long-term benefits. However, it does illustrate how human activity impacts the physical world around us. During the pandemic wild animals wandered city streets, the Venice canals were clearer, and there were blue skies over Beijing.

In 2017, Jane Goodall wondered how the “most intellectual creature to every walk the planet is destroying its only home?” Recently young environmental activists have been trying to get us to refocus our attention. Now is the time for all of us to think and join the efforts to help heal the planet for future generations. Will you join in SAVING MOTHER EARTH?”

*Zentangle is a mindful technique of using repetitive patters to create beautiful images.

Saving Mother Earth by Gale Sherman

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