Raptors of Arizona lithographs on Archival Paper


Raptors of Arizona by Richard Sloan

Prints featured in this guide are limited edition four-color lithographs on archival paper. Each piece is a reproduction of Richard Sloan’s original paintings featured in the book “The Raptors of Arizona” (1998). The Arizona Wildlife Foundation commissioned the book, which contains information on all birds of prey occurring in Arizona. Prints are available to purchase on this web page.


About the Artist

Richard Sloan (1935-2007) was an American artist known for his depictions of wildlife. Painting in a descriptive style, Sloan gave special attention to providing a sense of the environment of each creature. Born in 1935 in Chicago, IL, Sloan studied at the American Academy of Art before working as a staff artist at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Sloan devoted his practice to documenting the fauna of global rainforests. His career led him to travel to places like the Amazon, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Yucatán Peninsula. He was commissioned by the World Wildlife Fund to design stamps from his travels. In the spring of 1998, the University of Arizona Press published The Raptors of Arizona, a 220-page volume on the birds of prey of the American Southwest, featuring 42 Sloan paintings. In August of 2003 he was inducted into the Arizona Outdoor Hall of Fame in recognition for his work.


Richard Sloan’s works are included in the permanent collections the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, the Illinois State Museum, the Denver Museum of Natural History, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, and private collections throughout the world. He is featured in The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum’s permanent collection & traveling exhibition- Vanishing Circles.