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Susan Burnham Neilson

2023 Art Institute Artist in Residence, Artists for Conservation

Residency May 1-31, 2023

Artwork now on view in the Art Institute Registration Office

Susan Burnham Neilson is a classically trained contemporary oil painter with a background in art education. Since moving to her home next to a nature conservancy in British Columbia, her art has celebrated the flora and fauna in the forest by her doorstep.  She is interested in life cycles, wildlife, ecology, natural geometry, and our connections with nature.  

In Susan’s drawings and paintings, she explores ways to integrate tradition and innovation; starting with sketchbooks, and direct hands-on processes.

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Rare Blue

Ink & Watercolor on Cotton Paper

A Fine Balance

Print on Canvas

Bluebird Morning

Ink & Watercolor on Cotton Paper


Busy Pollinators

Ink & Gouache on Soft Cotton Paper

Moth on My Window

Diluted Sumi Ink on Cotton Paper

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