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2020 Desert Landscapes

Pima County Schools K-6 Art Competition

2020 Desert Landscapes

July 17, 2020 - November 8, 2020

Baldwin Gallery

Pima County Schools

Presented by the Pima County Superintendent’s office and the Art Institute, youth from across Pima County in Arizona energetically used everything from watercolor ink, to colored pencils and crayons, to craft the landscapes, mountain ranges, plants, and animals of the beautiful Sonoran Desert. The artwork was judged on the interpretation and clarity of the desert theme, creativity and originality, skill and technique, and the overall impression of the art

Winning Finalists
Grades 4–6

Olyvia Pannell, 6th Grade, Valencia Middle School

Alyah Ortega, 6th Grade, Gallego Intermediate

Athena Hernandez, 5th Grade, Gallego Intermediate

Lauro Fisher, 5th Grade, Gallego Intermediate

Korina Ruiz, 5th Grade, Gallego Intermediate

Sawyer Sevy, 4th Grade, Khalsa Montessori School

Kirra Boone, 4th Grade, Gallego Intermediate


Superintendent’s Choice 4-6

Marayah Verdugo, 5th Grade, Gallego Intermediate

Grades K–3

Jasmine Silva, 3rd Grade, Tolson Elementary

Marsela Espinoza, 3rd Grade, Warren Elementary School

Leylani Puentes, 3rd Grade, Warren Elementary School

Neveah Owens, 3rd Grade, Erickson Elementary School

Benjamin Santos, 2nd Grade, Walker Elementary School

Breelyn Spruce, 1st Grade, Innovation Academy

Elena Ash, 1st Grade, Warren Elementary School

Superintendent’s Choice K-3

Madison T., 1st Grade, Rio Vista Elementary

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