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2022 Birds in Art

The 46th Annual Juried Exhibition by the Woodson Art Museum

2022 Birds in Art

June 25 - August 21j, 2022

Ironwood Gallery


From their lyrical birdsong to their migratory patterns, birds connect us to the rhythms of life. Since 1976, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum has organized the Birds in Art exhibition annually, seeking to present the best contemporary artistic interpretations of avian themes.


Whether the subjects are backyard feeder favorites or exotic species from around the world, an international group of artists interprets avian themes and habitats employing diverse styles and mediums. Art lovers and bird lovers alike always will have something to crow about as they discover the harmony and serenity or the power and tension that infuse these artworks. 


Artists worldwide created this exhibition of 50 original paintings and works on paper, plus 10 sculptures, within the last three years. These pieces are presented in mediums ranging from watercolor, oil, linocut, and scratchboard to acrylic, wood, wire, and bronze.

Take a Virtual Tour of this Exhibition!

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