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2023 The Power of Pastels

The Tucson Pastel Society Juried Exhibition

2023 The Power of Pastels

March 11 - June 4 2023

Ironwood Gallery


Pastels have been a long-established media in art history since its beginning in 16th-century Europe. Even as trends and tastes ebb and flow with the times, pastels have remained a constant among artists of every age for their versatility of use and effects. Pastels are unique in their matte finish and painterly quality, but with the immediacy of drawing. This is a powerful combination, making the dual nature of this medium a staple in the contemporary artists’ toolbox.


This exhibition showcases the unique characteristics of pastels, as each artist expresses their inspiration through landscapes, structures, still lives, portraits and abstractions. Some works are created en plein air, rendered quickly with their subjects in real time, while others are painstakingly executed in the studio over considerably longer periods. This collection of works by members of the Tucson Pastel Society truly reveals “The Power of Pastels”.

The Tucson Pastel Society (TPS) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization established to advocate and promote the pastel medium, uniting pastel artists, organizing professional development and artistic growth opportunities and increasing awareness of the versatility and value of pastel fine art within the community.

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